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Since our beginning, Bourne Plastering has been using the best systems available for our local weather. For example, in the summer, the weather can become extremely hot whereas the winter can be the polar opposite, becoming freezing cold. Our goal is always to build a product that can withstand these changes.

There are many important things we concern ourselves with when we do a stucco job, such as the fastening of the system on the substrate, creating a good sound system according to the specs, architectural details, finishes, colors and, last but not least, making sure all the penetrations are caulked with a good elastomeric sealant.

We also do the old-fashioned stucco with the wire mesh, two coats of cement and finish. And we also do the EIFS systems for continuous insulation and energy efficiency. Descriptions of the processes are just a little further down.

View a sampling of some of our jobs in our gallery.

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EIFS is an exterior insulation and finishing system that provides exterior walls with an insulated finish surface and waterproofing within an integrated composite material system.


Stucco is an exterior system of metal lathe. There are three coats used in this system: “scratch coat,”“brown coat,” anex “finish coat.” The finish coat can be trowelled either smooth, hand textured, floated to a sand finish, or sprayed.

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Light Steel Framing and Steel Studs is for use in building material for rough framing in either commercial or residential construction. It is great for interior partitions, soffits and different kinds of architectural shapes.

Exterior Stucco Gallery

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Stucco Metal Lathe    Trusses in a Vaulted Ceiling    Prepping to create a Tudor Look with Stucco    Finishing Tudor Look with Stucco Stucco Metal Lathe, before and finished                                               Stucco applied for a Tudor effect.

Prepping an EIFS Job    Completed EIFS Commercial Project    Trusses in a Vaulted Ceiling    Stucco Stairway blends with the style of the house
EIFS Commercial Job                                                                             Finish Matched Existing                 Stucco Stairway